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Founding listed Group in Hong Kong, Creating the examples of medical industry in China

Since Jintian pharmaceutical group established, chairman Jin Dongtao, by using his great learning and being bold and resolute in action, leading his “Wolf corps”, which is loyal, united, aggressive and innovative, created an integrated health care enterprise and a series creative business model, including chain pharmacy company, wholesale pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical factory, etc.. Jintian pharmaceutical group, a medicine retailing business company growing up in mainland, listed in Hong Kong main board, will develop into a universal health brand owner.

Founding “Care China” public welfare business, fulfilling enterprises social responsibility

Chairman Jin Dongtao planned and carried forward a series of public welfare projects, including “Jintian Care Day”, “Taking part in loving care activities”, “The employment and training centers for military spouse” project  that arranges jobs for military spouse, Caring the children, Caring the environment, and Caring the health. These series welfare projects spread the love to Jintian, to cities and to the whole nation and world! 

Focus on international affairs, lead new industrial trend

In China pharmaceutical industry, as the first man, Chairman Jin Dongtao adopt the “internet +”strategy to accelerate business development:
1)Being the 1st to open online shops on Tmall and JD
2)Being the 1st to cooperate with e-commerce Alibaba “Ali-health”
3)Being the 1st to cooperate with “KUH”, the largest mobile internet community in China
4)Being the 1st to build mobile terminal marketing system
5)Being the 1st to found international trade system, layout overseas business

To benefit worldwide “stakeholder”

1) Create job placement for more than 6000 person, offer health life concept to 1million membership
2) Reward overseas shareholders and investors
3) Offer group staff comfort working environment and good social benefit
4) Build sales platform for suppliers
5) Share with the customer qualified drugs, health product improving life quality
6) Provide financial resources for the government
7) Provide public welfare service in communities
8) Concern environment protection; put sustainable development and green growing idea in the enterprises and memberships

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