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Action in CARE, I am coming

Action in CARE, I am coming

Love is a generally language in the world!

Love is the core factor for an enterprise to fulfill its social responsibility. Chairman Jin planed a series of “Taking part in loving care activities” public welfare projects, such as the project “the employment and training centers for military spouse” that arranges jobs for military spouse and help them to realize their social value, the career training project for undergraduate, and the project of “Volunteered to be teachers in the remote and poor area” and the care of children. These series welfare projects spread the love to Jintian Group, to cities and to the whole nation.
In implementing the guiding principles and plans formulated by CPC Central Committee and taking enterprise social responsibility, “Taking part in loving care activities” public welfare project advocates the concept of “let love escort our health so that to be healthier, happier and willing to dedicate ourselves to the society” to spread love from Jintian Group to other cities such as Beijing, Sanya, Guangzhou, Dalian, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang and so on. This project involves millions of volunteers and they follow the step of Jintian Group to make contribution to our society.

Jintian Group pays much attention on building corporate culture and spreading love to the society. The corporate culture is innovation, execution, comprehension, mentality, self-examination, loyalty, harmony; the slogan is one family, one mind, one goal and work together. These spirits accelerate the development of Jintian Group. The majority of the senior managers have been worked in Jintian Group for more than 10 years, and the persons who have been worked here for 5 years are countless. This is a cohesive wolf team. Jintian Group founded its own newspaper, website and twitter. All of these information platforms are in the name of love to serve people, that have improved the communication between persons, and that are helpful to promote our own brand products.

Action in CARE, I am coming

1. Create Love in China
Chairman Jin dongtao, with few years not only expansion the enterprise to the national wide, even today has been toward to international. As the organization growing, he cares of community, set up “care in action, I am coming” project, base on “thanks to communist party, follow communist party, listen to communist party”, initiate “escort your health by caring” healthy concept, to make this event become common practice by “love”. Through “care fitness exercise”, people not only reach the propose of fitness exercise, so that make pottery and smelt metal, to build a peaceful society in positive effects.
        So far “care fitness team” already start in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Guangdong, Hainan etc “care in action, I am coming” , team members over millions, coaches over hundreds.
        Where the care fitness team shows: more people for contribution, less people for gambling; more people for polite, less people for swearing; more people for helping each other, less people for conflicting; more people for optimistic, less people for negative. More people competing on love, giving, health, happy! This effect driven peaceful community and city’s development.
        So far chairman Jin dongtao, from Jintian group, are organizing “care in action, I am coming” project spread out to national, make a connection with national sport center, central government, spiritual civilization office, in the national range organized “care in action, I am coming” and “love fitness exercise”.
        “care in action, I am coming” project and “love fitness exercise”, will taken Tongsan motorway as central line, and spread out to other province and area, as far as whole nation, to make all people in fitness atmosphere. As “love fitness exercise” form of expression, through this event, guiding people to build up fitness first concept, to achieve that people having care in public, passing health concept, make a further step on peace and prosperity, this event enrich people in culture and life.
2.Care action, Let’s moving
Jintian group, base on the staff, passing love to every team member, team member under the Jintian group, sound: I am healthy, I am happy, I am giving, care in action, I am coming.
Care action event, Set off the climax of "compassion, help others", some members cleanup the street, contribution for green; some team members in society, help poor group and elder people, giving help and support; some team members taken action in army’s base, make military and civilian as a family, graced “double sample city”. “love” interaction affects between members.
Changan care team captain taken all members donating around 2000 RMB, to help and support poor group. When captain Jia shufen taken 33 members with donation of 630 RMB, pass to the cancer member Wang yufen, she was tearful.
With 263 member of winning care team, give a greatest warm regard to cancer team member Zhang baihua, with 2440 RMB donation, she was tearing: “ care team give the best contribution, I really appreciate for Jintian platform.”
Help from linhai team of 46 members, donating value about 9800 RMB, to help poor society poor group and elder people, to make “LOVE” interaction between each other.
26th February 2012, in Changan square, with hundreds of Jintian staff and care team members, donating for firefighter hero from Tangyuan county, Zhenxing town, Zhenfeng village, raising donation is 12634 RMB.
3rd March 2012, Jintian aixin Zoucao team and Yingjun team captain Yu baolin, Linhai team captain Li hua, Nongken smile elder apartment captain Fan yuying, Chenxing island team captain Zhao changtai, transfer money 2002 RMB to firefighter hero Wang shiwei, Jing baisui through Longjiang
3.Love initiative
I am health, I am happy, I am giving.
Caring in action, I am coming.
Escort your health by care.
The tour of care in action
Love proposal
Dear family,
Our desire dream about health and happy. So base on health and happy to achieve the top peak CARE, giving care is our traditional culture, is our peaceful society’s foundation, if everyone start giving little by little, the world will getting better and better! Care in action, let’s start together…..
8th March. Care women, the best regards for the greatest mother!
1st May. Labor creates a better life, dedicated labor sample!
1st June. Care China’s future, dedicated orphanage’s children!
1st July. Listen to communist party, return to communist party, follow communist party, giving the best regards to communist party’s birthday!
1st August. Military and civilian affection, giving the best regards to our military!
1st October. Love China, love society, love city, giving the best regards to national ceremony!
Giving rose, lingering fragrance on hands. We insist, love is the greatest power in the world! Let’s hold hands together, let’s sound “ I am healthy, I am happy, I am giving”, fitness and care, help weakness             group! Spread out of love, escort your health by care.
Friends of world will feel better sky in China, better water in China, better people in China!
Create love city! Convergence love China!
Jintian group “ care in action, I am coming”, welcome you joint in!

Headquarter Beijing, Tel 15210165333
4. “Blood be linked together” Yaan we stay with you
So far we known, since Sichuan Yaan earthquake happened, earthquake patients mainly concerns three type of injury, fracture, traumatic brain injury, and body injury, cause the disaster area got many more injured, so that local hospitals needs more blood support. One party down, millions back up. Jintian group “care in action, I am coming”, captain Ding hongying from Jintian headquarter team 5 as soon as saw the news, taking volunteers to “blood donation house” immediately to self-organized blood donation event, giving the power of life for disaster area people.
2013.04.25 at 1pm, Jintian headquarter, volunteers from caring fitness team come to blood donation house, do the blood donation for disaster area people.
Environmental protection is the measures fundamental of ecological civilization construction, maintain environmental health is everyone’s responsibilities, good construction of ecological civilization development is our desires. Jintian group "care in action, I am coming" provides platform for people, let everyone stay in health, happiness, caring will spread out. Let’s hold hands together, to create better Shenyang, build love in China together
Everyone start giving care, love to them. Though this event, fully show our “I am health, I am happy, I am giving” and return the society with caring volunteers’ style. Remarkable achievement, won the consistent high praise from all public, so that make important contribution to the peaceful society.

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