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Universal Health International Group Holding Limited (“UNI HEALTH” or the “Company”, stock code: [2211]) is one of the leading pharmaceutical retailers and distributors in Northeast China. The Company is also the largest pharmaceutical retail chain and the largest privately-owned pharmaceutical distributor in Northeast China. As at 31 December 2014, the Company has 953 self-operated retail pharmacies including four stores in Hong Kong and approximately 6,500 distribution customers.The Company has high net profit margin, which is attributable to the product mix with a focus on high-gross-margin products, the effective direct-supply model, the centralized procurement platform and low operation costs. The Company provides training programs to its employees and customers through Jintian Institute. The Company also has strong execution capability for acquisitions and integration which enables it to implement its product mix, advanced business model and sophisticated operation procedures in the acquired businesses. With the distinctive business model and core competitive advantages, the Company also enriches the product mix by introducing more healthcare products based on the expertise in pharmaceutical retail and distribution, so as to promote the concept of the Macro Health industry.

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