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Military spouse employment base

Support the feeling of army, patriotic ideas

        Since the Founding Day, the group chairman Jin Dongtao, have been seeking to make contributions to national defense construction, as "the faith, take care of the people's livelihood and industry" the enterprise idea, in order to that military spouse to joint society, reduce the pressure of government job placement, support army building and consolidating national defense, the development of the enterprises to build business, Mr Jin Dongtao based on the Jintian group scale development, in early November 2002, in the government and the municipal party committee, “support army office” established a national large-scale military spouse employment base, the first innovation in the private companies have set up functional departments "support", six forces over the scroll found a place for more than 160 military spouse; Also to force the nearly worth 120000 RMB of free hospital card, free physical examination for more than 1000 officers, become the jiamusi city national support for fifth consecutive city "corporation support".

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