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Jintian CARE day

Warm-heart public chariy, promote social harmony

Party has rich in people policy, people have a patriotic heart. Jintian group since its inception, and always carry forward the Red Cross "humanitarian, fraternity and dedication" of the spirit, from the start "health on walk" activities to combat drugs overpricing; From flood disaster relief to the fight against "SARS", from the previous Sanjiang tourism festival as the sanitation workers donated tooling, the previous "05.18 world giving day" love to donate money for vulnerable groups; From the establishment of large-scale military spouse employment base for job share, to set up public social division for government; From the investigation of selfless contributions to the leukemia patients, to offer the love to the Indian Ocean tsunami victims. From the old red army man, to control benzene pollution line of soldiers emergency medicine; From different patients, to extremely poor worker giving medicines; In response to the "two sessions", launched in order to solve drugs problem which is overpricing, to see the doctor as the theme of "Jintian charity day" project, the joint city private enterprises association, the Red Cross, city federation of trade unions, under the support of the city's department of more than 30, mutual aid disadvantaged groups, Jintian group contributes to the society and all kinds of intangible assets which made  total of more than 3M RMB.


Corporation social responsibility

Since 2006, with support from the association of private enterprises, Jintian group the private enterprises sets up the "public interest division", and every Sunday would named “Jintian charity day”, to help vulnerable groups as the core of the social public welfare undertakings, love will be the idea of "everything for people" into practice the systematic, and initiative in the city of all private enterprises with the actual action on behalf of the government share, out for vulnerable groups, to the construction of a people-oriented peaceful society contribution strength.

So far, the Jintian group “Jintian charity day” project, respectively, Red Cross society, civil affairs bureau of social welfare homes, children's welfare homes, public security bureau, the food and drug administration, industrial and commercial bureau and other departments, held a large-scale events nearly 20 times, a model including police Wangjiang, leukemia children XiaoBing etc, in emotions, the people felt the warmth and care from the party of government and the enterprises

Jintian group of “Jintian charity day” project won the widespread social impact, and along with all kinds of public welfare donations, funding more than 3 million RMB, they got vast number of people sincerely praise and government department's approval, and at the same time improve the reputation of Jintian group, highlights of enterprise culture, was awarded the title of "China charity ambassador" of captain Jin Dongtao as a private entrepreneurs' social responsibility.

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