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training and development

Talent concept

 Create a learning organization, make first-class talents, helps staff successful
 "To help employees succeed" is to help employees from ability, career and career success; Help employees from the character, mind, ideas in order to achieve success; Help employees from economic and family to be successful. The key is to establish implementation and employee share value, promote the harmonious development of enterprises, employees and the society. Group has established a competitive salary, welfare systems, help employees in economic and business success.

Staff culture

Innovation:  planning, creation, change, breakthrough and leap, is transformation from quantitative to qualitative; Innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprise development.
Execution:  mission strategy is efficiently and creatively
Understanding:  is to use the objective thinking, dialectical thinking to think of strategic decision, tactical plan to look at, is foundation of the spirit of team cohesion, social harmony;
Mentality:  that's beyond IQ of mental state, is the successful factors of emotional intelligence; Negative mindset devoid of talent, a positive mental attitude to create brilliant;
Self-reflection:  inner self-reflection, for their personal, professional, management, striving etc. for self-checking in action, is the factor of progress driving.
Loyalty:  be loyal and moral, it is the moral to the team, loyal to the organization, is a group care for the growth of members, the members of the humanistic care;
Peace:  be friendly to each other, cooperation, complete the goal together, is seeking common ground while putting aside differences, resolve contradictions, share the wonderful environment, is a kind of natural balance and social balance, but also individuals within a balance

Training Platform

Company insists the "technology is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the assets" business philosophy, always put the talent as a fundamental basis, the development of the enterprise. Company insists to the "first-class talent is the basic of foundation of first-class enterprise", always pay and hire attention for the talents, build up platform for professional people.

Training system

The first-class training system has been completed, have the ability to develop mature curriculum in planning, materials. Motivate and passion the staff base on the work, with attractive salary, with strict examination of spur.


1, recruiting high-quality staff, set up employee strategic reservation;
2, create comfortable environment for staff and development platform;
3, we will intensify reform allocation, establish the post salary, on the basis of multiple distribution mechanism of distribution modes coexist;
4, perfect performance evaluation system, stimulate the personnel performance improvement;
5, prizing giving system
6, strengthen the management skills

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