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Jade Carving - Members’ Impression on Association

Jade Carving - Members Impression on Association
Jin Dongtao - President of Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Union province
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   It is the 5th anniversary of chain pharmacy committee, CMPMA. As the founder, manager, supporter, and contributor of this platform, CMPMA expresses its gratitude to the leaders and friends, for their effort, support, and help during committee’s development.

   On the occasion of 5th anniversary, committee is going to hold “2014 Forum of E-commerce(West Lake) in Big Health Industry, as the 5th anniversary celebration of chain pharmacy committee, CMPMA”, and also start the activity of “Jade Carving - Members’ Impression on Association” today, to look back and ahead. The leaders of association and committee, president and secretary general of the union, representatives of strategic cooperating industry company who have supported the founding of the union make their wishes for the 5th anniversary, encouraging all the friends to keep contributing to the medicine retail industry in China.

   Below is the wishes named “change, opportunity, to break through and to share” and statement of union work from Jin Dongtao, the president of Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Union province of chain pharmacy committee, CMPMA.
   Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 5th anniversary celebration of chain pharmacy committee, CMPMA. Please allow me to use this opportunity to represent 30 members of Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Union province, to express my sincere congratulations to chain pharmacy committee and highest respect to all the leaders.
   Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Union province was a local organization founded with the guidance and promotion of chain pharmacy committee, CMPMA and Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Industry Association. Now there are more than 30 companies including 10 syndic companies and more than 3000 pharmacies. From the founding day, the union follows the principle of “integrating resources, gather strength, strength confidence, spread to the whole nation, obey rules, never violate price policy, introduce products first, and establish win-win market”, sets the basic model of “syndic invests for platform, company supplies products, college training motivates, and membership reasonably develops”, achieving the transform from syndic system to entity operation and product bond to capital bond, finally marching into the market of capital operation.
   Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Union played an important role in 2013. It found the method of replicating success from the operation principle of specialization and diversification, getting rid of troubles of pharmacy operation through cooperation. Being faced with dilemma of technical thinking, employee turnover in the frontline, cooperation of system development and management development, and the complicate market full of copying, the syndics cooperated with each other and finally got out of trouble. In May 25th, 2013, “centralized purchasing meeting of Heilongjiang Pharmacy Union” was held in Jintian International Hotel, Harbin. Except for the centralized purchasing, the members deepened the understanding and trust in each other, and strengthened the confidence to follow the developing steps of the union. Now the union expands, showing the intensive effect. What we should do in 2014 is:
   Change, opportunity, to break through and to share!
   To create the size effect in pharmaceutical retail market of Heilongjiang in the following year, to promote the healthy development of pharmaceutical companies, and to undertake the responsibility of serving customers, we are going to develop the company and the industry, to bring benefit to the public. As one of the syndic members, Jintian Group will adhere to the purpose of the union, stick to the principles of the union, cooperate with the other members in the union, and finally capture the whole pharmaceutical market.
   Be faced with the change of pharmaceutical market, we will seize the opportunity of Heilongjiang Pharmaceutical Union, strengthen the communication and study among members, and increase the level of operation and management. Also we are going to break through the old model and form the mode of centralized purchasing of first-rate brands and regional agency of second-rate brands, with resources integration and advantages enlargement, to promote the competitiveness of syndic members of the union. At the same time, we are going to integrate and share the information on pharmaceutical industry, to discuss and plan for the long term development of all the syndic members.
   In terms of the whole pharmaceutical industry, with the background of the policy of medical innovation and “one-two-five” plan of medicine logistical industry, a critical period of Chinese medicine retail and chain market is coming. Only by integration and recombination can we have a foothold in the industry, and develop in the constantly changing market.
   Union is strength! We call on pharmacies in the whole nation to take immediate actions. With the strength of the union, we will build the new advantages, develop rapidly and confidently, and create a bright future with our hands holding together!

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