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Generous Love Melts the Miserable and Hard Ice!
  Universal Health (HK.02211) headed to Naqu, Tibet in June.  Hundreds of medicines were sent to towns and villiages of Naqu in July for local medical construction, which won the warm welcome of the Tibetan.
  The aid was composed of the donation of medicine and volunteer medical consultation. Universal Health also donated a million worth of medicines to the Tibetan and wish to build a great healthcare wall for the Tibetan.Seeing the poor local medical situation and the lack of medical treatment for the patients in Tibet, Universal Health (HK.02211) knows well about the responsibility on shoulders and the road ahead !
  Without the volunteer medical consultation, the elderly can never have treatment of their disease in this poor district where the worn wall of the house remarked the poverty of the family.
  Medical volunteers sorted out the medicines for the convenience of distribution to Tibetans before the medical treatment.
  Medicine delivery and volunteer medical consultation were warmly welcomed by Lamas. Faith of love grows deeply in people’s heart!
  Continuous supply of medicine in demand made local doctors and nurses smile brightly!
  My child, all the efforts we made hopefully can bring you a bright future full of love!
  Besides medical aid, Universal Health (HK.02211) planned and carried forward a series of public welfare projects, including “Jintian Care Day”, “Taking Part in Love and Care Activities”, “The Employment and Training Centers for Military Spouse” project offers jobs for military spouses, practical exercise placement for college students project, national education assistance and future generation care project, etc.
  Universal Health (HK.02211) puts emphasis on people and takes practical actions. The medical aid project fully presents generousness, love and care to people. The profound love carried by medical aid project will spread broadly, nourish every inch of the infertility area, and console each desperate heart!
  Universal Health Medical Aid
  Medical Aid Union:
  Universal Health Love China Committee
  Universal Love ( Beijing) Cultural Development Center
  Universal Health Medical Aid Hotline: 15210163333
  Caring for people and taking social responsibility, Universal Health is always with you!

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