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Outstanding Profit Model of Universal Health (02211.HK)

 The 2nd Yushi Race of Champions was sucessfully held by Wei Kang Pharmaceutical Chain, a subsidiary to Universal Health (02211.HK) recently. Having acheived excellent results in the first competition, the competitors again did a great job during the 2nd competition. They perfectly fullfiled the task within just 46 days, which resulted in a rapid growth of sales revenue compared to the fourth quarter of last year. This spectacluar business model contributes a lot to the company’s sales profit.


  During the competiton, the subsidiary of Universal Health (02211.HK) implemented the company’s strategy of ‘Internet plus Universal Health’ and provided free health check-ups, high quality TCM inquiry, wechat health inquiry, etc. to customers. It aimed at offering O2O healthcare service to customers to attract company members and gain sales growth.

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  This competition mechanism provides company employees with a stage to realize self-value. In the fierce competiton, staffs worked over 16 hours per day to meet the sales target.  Hard work paid off. They beated the target and gained the huge awards, such as IPAD, IPHONE6, 7-days Yunan tour, cash, etc.. Meanwhile, professional training instructors from China Business College were invited to the competition to help improve their sales skills.

  ‘Result is very important but I believe the spirits of our staff are far more important. Their hard work in the competiton impressed me!’said Fan Liying, deputy general manager of Universal Health chain.
  ‘Thanks to our company for giving us such a platform to release our potentials. This competition broadens our horizons and enriches our experience. It endows us with the power to overwhelm diffculties and lead in the charge!‘ said an awarded staff.
  While the offline business of Universal Health (02211.HK) runs pretty well, the Group’s international trade, cross-boarder O2O marketing and mobile internet marketing also make big progress. ‘Hong Kong Universal Health Cross Boarder E-commerce Shop’, the Group’s new project cooperated with, was launched on 3rd August, which will definitely bring renaissance of business growth for Universal Health (HK.02211).


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