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Investors Optimistic on Company’s Future as Jintian Renamed as Universal Health


  Jintian Pharmaceutical Group Limited has already changed its name into Universal Health International Group Holding Limited, which started from 24th July. The short term of the company name has also been renamed from JINTIAN PHARM to UNI HEALTH. Universal Health aims at developing e-commerce, O2O and international trade.

International Trade

  The Group owns four flagship shops in Hong Kong, which are located in Yuen Long, Mongkok and Tsim Sha Tsui, and has established deep cooperative relations with companies globally from Europe, the U.S., Korea, Japan, etc. Universal Health also plans to set up subsidiaries in Russia, Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and America to develop international trade.

  Jin Dongtao, Chairman of Universal Health, said that after renaming, the company will introduce strategic investors to help the Group develop and search for the chances of acquisition and cooperation in both domestic market and market abroad.

Cross Border O2O and Internet Marketing

  Hong Kong universal health-care cross border e-commerce platform of Universal Health, aims at doing international trade linking the domestic market with the global market. The platform is quite popular in China and has almost 5000 online shopping malls with more than 1,500,000 followers providing products from America, Japan, Korea and etc.  Currently, China totally has more than 0.67 billion 3G and 4G users, which becomes the largest internet market in the world and stimulate the huge potential for consumption.

O2O Business

  Universal Health has resourceful offline entities. It has 953 retail pharmacies in northeast China and 4 self-operational integrated pharmacies in Hong Kong, owning 6500 distributors and millions of loyal members. In future, the company will set up more shops selling the high gross profit Yushi products and expand by mergers and acquisitions to bring in more high quality health-care products to China market as its population is aging.
The renaming reveals company’s determination to develop health-care business and endeavor to be the international corporation for health-care brands and products and gain profits for our investors.


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