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CNTV Online Shopping Mall & Universal Health (02211.HK): We Only Represent Good Products!

  Yushi, the licensed brand of Universal Health (02211.HK), has been officially assigned to CNTV Online Shopping Mall. Under the joint promotion of CNTV and Universal Health (02211.HK), Yushi’s products attract millions of consumers and become the favorite health-care products to people who care about personal health.


  CNTV Online shopping mall is an integrated e-commerce platform where many world-famous brands are settled in, such as Samsung, Disney, Longines, Armani, etc. The high quality standard for products to enter this online shopping center makes it a reliable shopping paradise.。
Universal Health (02211.HK) is the leading international health-care brand managing operator currently, which has great advantage on developing international trade, cross border O2O business and offline business operation. Through the promotion of high quality products (health-care, cosmetics and patent, etc.), Universal Health (02211.HK) can realize its prosperous development.
Yushi products getting promoted this time by both CNTV online shopping mall and Universal Health (02211.HK) proves the great value of the products, which include tonics, tribute wine and tea, etc. After entering into the online shopping mall, Yushi products are greatly welcomed by consumers and the brand value of Yushi is tremendously promoted.

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  Yushi brand of Universal Health (02211.HK) has already been promoted by 13 national TVs, billboards on buses and trains. Yushi also sponsored Kunlun Competition program and social media platforms. On June, Yushi Royal Shop was opened up in Shenyang International Airport. On July, Yushi products entered CNTV online shopping mall. Till now, the O2O platform linking the online and offline business of Yushi has been formally established.
As Chinese government determines to carry out Internet Plus and universal health-care policy, Universal Health (02211.HK) cooperated with CNTV online shopping mall strives to utilize its advantages to make a difference in health-care industry.

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