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Cross Border E-Commerce Flourishes in the Free Trade Zone
  China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone was founded in April, which marks that Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao entering into the generation of free trade zone 2.0 altogether. Cross border E-commerce enterprises can get support from customs supervision, tax refund, cross border payment, logistics, etc., and the other related services. Meanwhile, the bonded trade platform set in customs supervision area will support China cross border E-commerce to make more business. Depending on the unique tunnel of cross border E commerce, Qianhai of Shenzhen becomes the blessed and fertile place for cross border E-commerce enterprises and well known enterpriss around the world are welcomed to enter for co-development.
  The cooperation agreement of Universal Health(HK.02211) and Shenzhen Tempus Global Business Service Holdings Ltd. was signed in Shenzhen Futian bonded zone on 21ST of May. During the cooperation, Universal Health will display and sell products at Tempus offline commercial center as well as Haidao online platform. The details will be posted later on.
  Relying on the advantaged location of Qianhai, pilot policy and advanced supply chain, Tempus bonded cross border E-commerce is favored by industry tycoons. Overseas products are bonded and displayed in offline stores for customers. These products are popular among customers because of their good quality and cheap price and make the place a new shopping paradise, where partners can make more profits from their business.
  According to the insiders of Universal Health, the group will focus on internet plus universal health in future mainly including international trade, cross border O2O business, mobile business based on internet, etc. At present, Universal Health takes Jintian Best Price Shopping Center as the mobile terminal, where sales and promotion, partner alliance, training, cross border E commerce are integrated to assemble well-known brands from Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Taiwan etc. covering of cosmetics, toiletries, skin care, food, mother and baby supplies and daily supplies, etc. Till now the group has been in ownership of 5000 online commercial centers attracting over 1.5 millions followers around China. The cooperation not only bring convenience to Universal Health in trade, tax, foreign exchange and finance, enlivening cross border E-commerce business, but also make a sales tunnel for the enterprises in Shenzhen to simplify the trade process.
  In recent years, Universal Health president Jin Dongtao, leading his excellent team, dedicates in health-care industry. Based on internet plus policy, they seek for E-commerce enterprises for cooperation . Settling an agreement with Ali health on prescription’s electronization, Universal Health also cooperates with internet community ‘Group K‘ and technology-advantaged internet O2O and platform ‘YIQIKUDONG’.  Some people comment that all the actions that Universal Health takes are aiming at reaching the the optimizing of enterprise resources and building the multi-platform to realize win-win in competition and further the development of internet plus universal healthcare.
  The cooperation this time is considered as a sign of Universal Health’s further development on cross border E-commerce. By the chance of Free Trade Zone, Universal Health believes that cross border E-commerce business will break thought its record and make big growth on business performance.

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