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The Authority of Universal Health

The leading chain retailer of the industry

  Universal Health(HK.02211) owns almost thousand retail pharmacies and has distributions all over China. The events held on Jintian Membership Day and Jintian Love Day enhance the membership system with high viscosity and increase company’s profits.

  Meanwhile, Universal Health(HK.02211) has set up 4 Health Century flagship shops in Yuen Long, Mongkok and East Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong, through which the company aims at realizing its internationalization and get known by the global market.

Internet Plus Universal Health

  In 2015, as Internet Plus Universal Health develops fast and gathers wealth in the world scope, Universal Health (HK.02211) keeps up with the trend by innovating the industry, setting up platforms and gathering contacts, which constantly releases the powerful energy of being a leader for international healthcare brand operation and management.

  Recently, Universal Health(HK.02211) was invited to attend Cross-Strait Pharmaceutical Chain Summit Forum held in Taipei and met with the tycoons from cross strait healthcare industry on the broad platform of Internet + Universal Health.

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  Mr. Chu Chuanfu, General Manager of Universal Health(HK.02211), attended the forum and made a speech. The successful holding of Cross-Strait Pharmaceutical Chain Summit Forum marks a formal start of the further communication and cooperation between the cross strait pharmaceutical industry. The era of alliance between giants and sustainable win-win relationship endorsed by Universal Health is coming steadily. The leading enterprises and pharmaceutical chain shops, changing from competitive to cooperative relationships, will lay a solid foundation for the whole development of universal healthcare industry. Universal Health(HK.02211) will be in hand with the peers all over the world to create a better healthcare industry!

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  Before the forum, Universal Health (HK.02211), as the integrated giant enterprise in healthcare industry, also attended 2015 China Pharmaceutical Retail (Hefei) Summit Forum held by China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association. General Manager Mr. Chu Fuchuan presented a golden Ding(a three legged vessel standing for prosperousness) as a gift to Anhui Pharmaceutical Alliance, expressing his congratulations and wishes to its foundation. “Ding stands for prosperousness in capital era and I wish China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association a long-run future, ”he said.

  Universal Health frequently invited to industrial top forum represents the company plays a steady and authoritative role in the industry, and also indicates Universal Health’s development is eye-catching all over the world and is capable of finding the better development platform and resources, enlarging universal healthcare industry in depth and width and exploiting for a newer and larger pattern!

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