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【Universal Health @ W-commerce】Powerful and Potential WeChat and Weibo Platform!

The Power of W-commerce——The Wealth Platform: WeChat and Weibo

  Chinese W-commerce has been developed rapidly since the past two years. 0.1 billion revenue was generated within only 40 days. This phenomenon shocked and confused traditional corporations. According to the research by New York eMarketer, the sales revenue of mobile e-commerce will take up over 50% of China’s total online retails revenue.
  The Detonating of Wealth,Let’s look back at May.
  On 18th May, 2015, the Global W-commerce Annual Gala and Forum of W-commerce Development was hosted by K Youhui in Shanghai Expo. Millions of dollars were spent on the sci-fi stage, showing up the ambition and vitality of W-commerce enterprises.
  At the forum, well-known enterprises including Universal Health (HK. 02211), Wansecheng and China Commerce Association for General Merchandise (CCAGM), share their intelligent experience on their w-commerce businesses. The rapid and successful development of w-commerce business can not happen without the efforts of the hard working financial Giants. Jin Dongtao, president of Universal Health (HK.02211) and founder of Love China Community, and Guan Peng, organizer of the biggest community in China, together with economic authorities are selected into the celebrities of W-commerce Hall and recorded in the history of revolution!
  Let‘s Embrace W-commerce Industry!

Universal Health@ W-commerce

  Hong Kong Universal Health (HK.02211) always keeps up with the latest trend and has the open minded heart to embrace the new things. Besides offline stores, we have been developing online business and catching up with the internet industry during the years. We have set up online shop in Taobao , T-mall and Jingdong. Currently we also send our staff to training in Shenzhen and Hong Kong to have further and deeper study about the industry and believe they can be the much more excellent in work! The big data and traffic of mobile internet is considered as a giant. Standing on the shoulder of giant, we are confident about the opportunity in China universal health industry. We stay on company’s strategy of internet plus universal health and aim at making a brilliant performance in future!
  ——Jin Dongtao, President of Hong Kong Universal Health(HK.02211)

W-commerce economy

  Hong Kong Universal Health (HK.02211), under the leadership of president Jin Dongtao, heads to W-commerce industry. With 953 pharmacies in the northeast China and 4 flagship shops in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Universal Health starts to develop cross border platform in 2015. The O2O offline store was officially opened upon the 3rd August in Guangzhou, which becomes the leader in this industry .
  According to statistics, Hong Kong Universal Health has 5000 online shops over China, attracting over 1.5 million followers , and becomes a leading brand of W-commerce in China.
  If “Internet Plus” is considered as the lush grassland, the union of W-commerce and Universal Health (HK.02211) could be seen as a sturdy horse standing out. This union will stimulate Chinese economic growth while how enterprises perform will be the key factor. Future is always full of hope!

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