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When Universal Health Confronts with Big Data, Executive Meeting Held in This Way!

  Recently, Universal Health strategy seminar was held in Shenyang, where chairman Jin Dongtao mapped out statistically upon strategy analysis and resource integration, which upgrades the strategy of Universal Health Plus Internet Plus Big Data once again. Chu Chuanfu, General Manager of the Board; Dai Hongwei,  Deputy General Manager and Discipline Supervision Director; Sunhui,  Deputy General Manager; Mengxin, Deputy General Manager and News and Welfare Affair Director; Xuyan, Deputy Director of Finance Audition Center; Sun Libo, Deputy Director of Discipline Supervision, presented the meeting.

  Universal Health executive meeting is ongoing with intermittent applause, pondering, recording and discussion!Under the good news of National policy and the group strategy, Universal Health, leaded by Mr. Jin Dongtao, turns into fast development with the platform of resources and brands.

Key Words: Universal Health Plus Internet, Universal Health Plus Big Data

  Under the strategic leadership of Chairman Jin Dongtao, the group aims at improving its development strategy by combining universal healthcare with internet and big data. Building up a big data platform, creating a new brand model of internet plus universal health and big data, and launching cross borders and O2O business  (2 plus 1 strategy), Universal Health is on the way to be the world-known universal healthcare brand owner.

Key Words: Internationalization

  Chairman Jin Dongtao emphasized during the meeting that on the foundation of 949 pharmacies, the group would then enhance the international business through the Yushi flagship shop at Taoxian International Airport in Shenyang and 4 Hong Kong Universal Health Century shops, and seize the opportunities in Free Trade Zone by setting up E commerce cross border platform as a breakthrough to exploit the international market and import international renowned brands, and expand by acquisition and the establishment of subsidiaries in overseas market.

Key Words: Perfect O2O Business

  Chairman Jin pointed out that Universal Health has plentiful retail stores, distributors all over China and bountiful members, which is an advantage over many other enterprises. The group also conduct sales and brand promotion through new media, we media and welfare platform to explore the business opportunities in Greater China.

Key Words: Integrating Avantages of the Group Resource Platform

  Chairman Jin proposed the high level requirement to the management of the group that it’s necessary to integrate the resources within the group to realize its advantage. The group will put great efforts on integration of procurement, Yushi, news center, Love Jintian, Jintian Business Institute, cross-boarder platform and the retail stores to maximize the benefits of each platforms.

Key Words: Mechanism of Allocation

  Following the Chairman’s management philosophy of “one plus one equals to a family”, the group will keep on deepening the reform and allocating work to competent employees. Jintian’s family culture nourishes Jintian employees. The group endows a platform for employees with team spirits to fulfill their dreams.
  The ambiance, created by General Manager at the meeting, reflects Universal Health’s perky countenance. The meeting concentrates on energy for future transformation.  The senior managers keep the intelligence and strategy in their mind, back to work with mission on shoulder.

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