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Live Now on Cross Border E-commerce!

   Hong Kong Universal Health Cross Border E-commerce store, the Group’s new project cooperated with, was launched on 3rd August and is located in the center of the city, which brings great convenience for consumers.

  The Cross Border E-commerce store of Universal Health(HK.02211), is a leading platform in China healthcare industry. Owning about 5000 online commercial centers all over China and with fans over 1.5 millions, it becomes a national leader of E commercial center.
  Sendtou is the first ‘Universal Health’ mobile mega data cross border E commercial platform mainly providing famous oversea healthcare brands for domestic consumers, in order to create a perfect universal purchasing paradise for consumers.
  Their cooperation aims at putting up a China cross border E commercial system to meet the Universal Health target of shopping the world.
Luxurious decoration
Bang for the buck! Adequate supply of products!
National shopping boom, heated on site
Rapid growth of revenue, a long queue at cashier
  Welcome to our shops!
  The group has 4 health century flagship shops in Yuen Long, Mongkok and East Tsim Sha Tsui of Hong Kong, and has established close relations with companies from Europe, Japan and Korea, etc. The business includes imported powder milk, health products, baby products and brandy medicines, cosmetics, etc.


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