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Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of Victory of Chinese People’s Resistance against Japanese Aggres

  Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Anti-Japanese Aggression on September 3, 2015, China Next Generation Education Foundation and Spreading Love Fund together with Love China Association, Jintian Pharmaceutical Group, Love China Welfare Project, Love the Dust Cleared Foundation, Shenyang Environmental Protection Volunteers Association, etc. held 2015 Love China Welfare Grand Ceremony- Red Song Chorus in Shenyang to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of Anti- Japanese Aggression. Thousands of volunteers lightened up their dream of love and celebrated the 70th anniversary of the victory of Anti- Japanese Aggression.


  The representative of Spreading Love Special Fund attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. “Love China Welfare Project has been ongoing for 5 years since it was launched. The Grand Ceremony of 2015 Love China Welfare, aiming at searching for model of love devotion, advocates for love and care. It is the welfare responsibility that convenes all volunteers from all levels to make contributions to our society. Spreading Love Fund is dedicated to the civil welfare and love concept spreading. Let love escort health and generate positive energy!”


  Health, Happiness, Giving and Participating! The event was started with the slogan cried out by volunteers. 11 groups of thousands volunteers from Shenyang joined the Gymnastic Contest in the uniforms with love logo. Their positive attitudes and countenances moved every audience, and their performance won a big applause. “Although I can not watch V-parade myself at Tian’anmen Square, I feel the same ambiance here as in Beijing! I am proud of being a Chinese, I am and will always be willing to devote myself into our country in any needs.” said some audience. It is necessary to highlight that an average age of the volunteers is over 50 years old, who do gymnastics every day to keep fit. They showed their mid-age brilliance at the contest. A member of communist party, who took part in the contest, said that he was excited and honored to participate in the event. Gymnastics is good for the elders and health is the precondition.
  China Next Generation Education Foundation- Spreading Love Fund
  Spreading Love Special Fund is a special fund set up by Next China Generation Education Foundation of National Public Donation Fund. The usage of the fund is including: (一) Assistance to the Spreading Love Project. It is aimed at encouraging and commending the individuals and organizers who advocates social positive energy guiding the next generation to a healthy growth. (二) To support the Education Assistance Project. Advocating patriotism, setting up a grand ideal for juveniles, nurturing the sense of appreciation, evoking and enlightening the fall-over children and left- over students. (三) Assistance to Education. Improving education quality and learning efficiency, and cultivating for country’s development. (四) It is used for other welfare project planned by China Next Generation Education Foundation.
  Love China Welfare Project
  Love China Welfare, founded in 2010, is a welfare promoted world-wide under the name of “Love”. The event held by Love China Welfare is cored with square dancing, education assistance and the employment and training centers for military spouse. It is aimed to inherit and pass over 5000 years-Chinese Culture, advocate patriotism, spread the concept of love escort health and transmit culture of love. Love China Welfare is dedicated to building a communicative platform for government, media, enterprise and public service organizations to develop welfare, spread love and care, ensure people’s physical and mental health contributing to the society.

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