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A Reliable Access to the 1% Top Institution of the World

Real education does not mean to move to a new place, but to endow you with an intellectual insight. When university education is found less contributive to the dream and innovation, the surge of overseas education overwhelms China broadly.

China has been the first largest country sending students abroad. The number of overseas students keeps on rising and the average age tends to be young. International high school in China develops rapidly and legitimate overseas study agents are needed correspondingly.
Experience Humanistic Care in Cambridge
Breathe Rational Breeze in Oxford
Strengthen Independent thinking in MIT
Calm Attitude towards Fall and Success in Harvard
When overseas study means to live frugally for a few generations in a family, authority check on overseas study agent becomes very necessary. EK Education and China Pharmaceutical Business Institute of Universal Health collaborate to provide you a brilliant option.
EK Education and China Pharmaceutical Business School Build You a Reliable Access to the 1% Top Institution of the World!
EK Education of EK International, a professional overseas study agency certified in The Ministry of Education, covers the service from Short-term Language Training to diploma courses from elementary school to Doctor degree. It also provides considerable overseas study services upon your needs, from school selection, background planning, drawing up documents and visa application to the advises on life, employment, immigration etc.
“TOP SPEAKER” English Speech Contest sponsored exclusively by EK Education
EX Education: Consultant Support on Spot
China Pharmaceutical Business Institute of Universal Health has built up an intellectual team integrating professional training resource, famous lecturers in medical, retail, and career planning. Employees are the first batch of students benefiting from the Institute, which is helpful to their professional career and skills. Now, China Pharmaceutical Business Institute has given trainings to external institutions and enterprises, and became a top-rank consultation to enterprises and elites in great China.
China Pharmaceutical Business Institute integrates excellent training resource of China and invites famous lecturers in pharmaceutical industry and retail sector to give the exclusive courses of marketing philosophy.
China Pharmaceutical Business Institute shaped employee’s innovation ability.
China Pharmaceutical Business Institute gave training on brand to front-line employees
The employees benefit from lecture addressed by China Pharmaceutical Business Institute
China Pharmaceutical Business Institute held a competition among special trained teams
China Pharmaceutical Business Institute specially invited Professor Li Congxuan from Renmin University of China to give lectures.
The collaboration between EK Education and China Pharmaceutical Business Institute is engaged to build a communicative platform with counterpart in the US, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand for juveniles and entrepreneurs who want to study overseas, meanwhile, it structures China excellent overseas study communication system.
Universal Health knows well that health does not only simply refer to people without physical disease, but also stresses on the mental strength and growth under the open education. A strong country has been shaped by sending student overseas and inviting experts in. Universal Heath believes that overseas students will prompt Chinese technology innovation and become a main power for new type country construction and emerging industry development. They will speed up China’s globalization and enterprises internationalization as well as enhance soft power of our nation!
China Pharmaceutical Business Institute adopts the business philosophy of “1+1=11 1+1=101 1+1=1+1=”, builds up a universal healthcare information platform which gathers industry power, and generates wealth and faces global challenge from an international view.

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