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Kunlun Fight & Universal Health Cross-sector Cooperation Aiming at A Brighter Universal Health Futur

The Time of Universal Health

  To see the glamourous world with great vision, cross-sector cooperation is taken as the innovation of integrating industry resources on internet plus platform. What is the successful model of cross-sector? If the high-rate follow on Combat Club is the beginning of cross- sector cooperation between Kunlun Fight and Universal Health, Yushi collaborating with Kunlun Fight shown on a LED screen at the Times Square in New York signifies great power of China cross-sector cooperation.
  In 2015, cross-sector cooperation takes place vigorously. Kunlun Fight & Universal Health are devoted to a bright future with vitality.

Kunlun Fight

  China original brand “Kunlun Fight” has became the most popular and brilliant top vocational combat. After Kunlun Fight aired at Jiangsu TV, the energy and beauty within Kunlun Fight not only shows the martial spirits but also the exceptional charm of the healthy nation and Chinese culture.


Universal Health

  After Yushi, the premium brand of Universal Health, sponsoring and naming Kunlun Fight in 2014, recently it also addressed strategic cooperation with Kunlun Fight. Kunlun Fight has strong partnership with Universal Health. As the leading inaugurator of square dance, Universal Health Chairman Jin Dongtao witnessed thousands of participants enjoying the fitness exercise. Trillions of people’s desire of health and happiness lighten up the prospect of China universal health industry. The sweats wet for fitness and mental health and the upright spirits are emitted widely and deeply in China.


Yushi Brand

  As the premium brand of Universal Health, Yushi plays an important role as an ambassador of health in cooperation with Kunlun Fight. Born in 1677, the royal brand Yushi ensures its food safety upon higher quality standards. Concentrated on universal healthcare, Yushi together with Kunlun Fight inherits and carries forward Chinese culture and shapes Yushi brand into a well-known China representative abroad.


  While settling strategic cooperation with Kunlun Fight, Universal Health International Group also achieved cross-sector collaboration with China top community platform K-Friends, the first China Cross-border E-commerce platform Sentou and EK Education, the professional immigrant and overseas study agency.
  The sweats wet for fitness and mental health and upright spirits are emitted widely and deeply in China. The strategic cooperation between Universal Health and Kunlun Fight will expand the universal health market worthy of 8,000 billion yuan and diversify people’s healthy life style and bring Chinese Culture to the world. Moreover, as an enterprise and mediator of universal healthcare, Yushi , the royal brand of Universal Health, together with with Kunlun Fight, will conduct its development on healthcare and contribute to China healthcare.

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