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China President Xi Jinping’s State Visit to the US Shines a Spotlight on Cross-border E-commerce

  There are two highlights getting people’s attention, Sino-US Business Dialogue and The 8th US-China Internet Industry Forum scheduled in President Xi Jinping’s trip to Seattle.


  Companions to President Xi Jinping’ s US visit are specially characterized by Internet giants, showing the internet economy rising and China’s  diplomacy.
  15 companies were respectively and finely selected from both sides to enter the Roundtable. Among the 30 business leading companies, 6 companies addressed at the Roundtable, including Alibaba, China Bank and Lenovo. The representatives from internet business are Jack Ma from Alibaba, Pony Ma from Tencent and Zhang Yaqin from Baidu(replacement of Li Yanhong) .
  The participants of internet cross-border e-commerce giants are JD, Alibaba and etc. It is known that the selected companies’ market value is over 2500 billion USD which is nearly 10% of the country’s GDP(According to 2014 Statistics).
  The conferences held in US sends signals like:
  The momentum of China Internet Economy is no less than US. It is misunderstood by US that China’s economy confronted pressure from going down, and Chinese would be negative in consumption. But the fact is Chinese consumers still have strong confidence and domestic consumption unexpectedly grows up against the investment and export sluggish.
  The Sino-US civil cross-border e-commerce cooperation was addressed right on time when the big data plays an important role on making business decision and cross-border e-commerce is in booming. It provide consumers multiple choices.
  China cross- border e-commerce business has gone through a growth spurt. Besides renown tycoons like AMZN and BABA, Hong Kong Universal Health (HK.2211) and HelpContent(002640)with excellent performance in the past few years are worth for your attention as well.

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