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Outstanding Royal Gift is well-run at airport

  It has been 4 months since Yushi Royal shop settled at Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. How is the business going? Let’s have a look.

  Yushi Royal Shop is a kind of a sight seeing at airport, which attracts consumers for its unique decoration of dragon carvings and palace lanterns. It’s a telling of history out of books. Please come with me to see in brief!
  Treasures from the Royal. Yushi 1677 planner Yang Xiaoxi told us that most of the consumers aim to buy Yushi product as a premium gift for its high quality and nice packing. This is an advantage of Yushi Royal to win the market at airport.
  The gift you chose presents what kind of people you are: elegant or graceful? It also indicates how the relationship is : close or far? Yushi Royal could provide the consumers a better choice.
  At present,  Yushi Royal shop conducts good sales performance with deal complete with walk in guests at 50%, which takes the lead of peer shops at airport. The daily sales exceeds 10 thousands yuan and some category’s sale record breaks 400.  The sale number will be updated with a new record along as Yushi Royal shop become well-known.
  Yushi Royal shop’s success proves Chinese people’s need for healthcare and China healthcare market has a bright prospect. Yushi Royal aim to seek franchisee around China to create a win-win business for both sides. Contact number: 400—115—1677

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