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PURCHASE OF SHARES IN THE COMPANY! Universal Health shares has been supportively purchased 4 times b

  Declaration: on 16 October 2015, Jin Dongtao, president of Universal Health, purchased 14,740,000 shares of the company (the share) at average price of approximately HK3.043 with the total amount of approximately HK44,860,000. After the purchase, the shareholding of Mr. Jin in the Company increase from approximately 49.74% to approximately 50.48% of the issued share capital.

  Confident in valuating and purchasing shares of the company

  It is the 4th time of purchasing shares in the company since last time the late of September 2015, at the day closing price of HKD 3.16 , 25% higher. Universal Health stock gained over 70% in a month after the purchasing. The stock price from last purchase is close to this time, indicating the evaluation of the stock is convincible.
  Jin Dongtao said that he is confident in the development of company’s international business, as well as in the prospect of healthcare industry. He will seek further opportunities to purchase additional shares based on the conditions of the capital market.

  The valuation of universal healthcare industry’s prospect is attractive

  Recently, the stock markets of Shenzhen, Shanghai and Hong Kong rebounded and some changes took places on healthcare landscape. The stock prices of Alijk, Evergrande Health and such companies are rising and attract investor’s attention. At present, the companies at low market value such as Evergrande Health, China Jiuhao Health’s PE is approximately at 60 to 100 times. The enterprise at high market value such as China TCM, Bai Yunshan’s PE is approximately 20 to 25 times. It shows the up trending of the risk appetite of  investors to universal healthcare.
  Investment advises: Hong Kong-listed healthcare stock exists companies at low value. Universal Health’s PE is 11 times at present, and its sales performance up 25.8% in the first half of the year. The business development mode is clearly focused on universal healthcare retail and wholesales, meanwhile, mobile E-commerce and Cross-border E-commerce are positively developed. In the future, overseas branches will be set up and universal healthcare industry  investment and acquisition will be established.
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  After Universal Health Interim Results Conference, Morgan Stanley, Everbright Securities are satisfied with company’s prospect and give the company a buying rate and target the price over HK 4.5 yuan.

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