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Health China Plus Overweight, Chance to Invest in Universal Health is standing out

  According to the latest news on 22 Oct. published by cnstock, Health China strategy is likely to be adopted into the related government policy, which becomes a booster to universal healthcare industry. The listed companies which provide healthcare service and internet plus healthcare hopefully will be benefited at the first place. It is a great news for Universal Health (2211.HK), which has been conducting internet plus universal healthcare business for a while.

5 Times Overweight indicates stock ramp

  Universal Health (2211. HK) shares have been continuously repurchased recently. 4 days after repurchasing shares of the company on 16 October 2015, Jin Dongtao, Chairman of Universal Health, repurchased 14,409,000 shares of the on 20 October, at average price of approximately HK$3.6734 with the total amount of approximately HK$52,930,000. It is the 5th time of repurchasing shares of the company since late September this year.

Strengthening investors’ faith in the company

  The continuous repurchasing of company stocks by the controlling shareholder strengthened investors’ resolution on Universal Health (2211.HK). Till 20 October Tuesday, the stock price of Universal Health (2211.HK) has once been increased up to 15% and the total rising amount reached over 30% this month. At this.

Low PE ratio can win in the market

  Purchasing shares of the company indicates Mr. Jin Dongtao’s confidence in the prospect and profitability of Universal Health (2211.HK). At present, the Group’s PE is 11.06 times lower than the peers, which is very attractive.

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