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Hong Kong Stocks Headed toward Rally, Universal Health Led Healthcare Sector
  Since October, the global stock market has bounced back and Hong Kong stocks performed well.  On 12th October Hong Kong stocks opened at 22614 points, up 155 points. While Shanghai stocks shot up hundreds points, Hong Kong stocks picked up to 22779 points later in the afternoon volatility. Hong Kong stocks closed at 22731 points, gaining 272 points or up 1.21%, with the turnover of 87.23billion HKD on the main board.
  Universal Health (2211.HK) had a strong performance today, rising about 7.32% and closing at 3.08 HKD. It led in the healthcare sector.
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  The controlling shareholder and Chairman of Universal Health (2211.HK) Mr. Jin Dongtao constantly purchased shares of the company. The shareholding of Mr. Jin in the Company increased from approximately from 47.14% to 49.74% of the issued share capital.  The major shareholder Chen Xiaoyan purchased 28949,000 shares of the company with total amount of 73,385,715 HKD on 25th September . The purchasing of shares shows that the Group management has strong confidence in the Group’s long-term development and investment, which lifts investors’ confidence and brings positive effect on stock price. Moreover, because the Chinese female pharmacologist Tu Youyou’s won the 2015 Nobel Price for discovering artemisinin to treat malaria, the stocks of healthcare sector are on the rising trend.
  Viewing the social needs and SOE reform policy, we remain positive on healthcare sector including Universal Health, which is likely to ramp up.

Finance and Economy News:

  Up to the closing quotation,Heng seng class index surged all line, financial index was up 1%, public utility index was up 0.53%, property index was up 1% and industry and commerce index was up 1.47%.
  Lenovo Group share price was up 7.69%  and offered at 7.56 yuan, leading blue chip stock.
  The rumor went that China reform holdings would purchase shares in China Tower at 10 billion yuan. The Chinese Telecommunication stock qualified its shares,  China Unicom was up 5.5% and offered at 10.36 yuan, China mobile was up 1.69% and offered at 93.15 yuan, China telecom was up 4.17% and offered at 4 yuan.
  China Overseas Land and Investment stock was up 3.61% and offered at 25.85 yuan. The company planed to list on the main board in promising 23rd this month.
  Zhongzi financial stock was on the up swing, China Pingan stock was up 0.59% and offered at 42.55yuan; bank of communication stock was up 0.69% and offered at 5.82yuan; China Life stock was up 0.51% and offered at 39.5yuan; China Bank stock was up 1.37% and offered at 3.7yuan; China industrial and commercial bank of China stock was up 1.2%  and offered at 5.04yuan.
  The weighting stock was on upward trend, Hong Kong Exchange stocks was up 2.94% and offered at 199.5 yuan; Tencent stock was up 1.48% and offered at 144 yuan; HSBC Holdings stock was up 0.96% and offered at 63.25 yuan; American International Assurance stock was up1.37% and offered at 3.7yuan; COPOWER stock was up 2.34%  and offered at 104.8 yuan.
  Car Inc announced that the major shareholder Grand Union signed share purchase agreement with Autouu, transferring stock worthy of 125 million to Grand Union. The stock was up 13.66% higher and offered at 13.48 yuan. Citibank thinks that Chinese government delivered significant positive treatment to Car Inc, and Morgan Stanley so believed as well.
  Macao gaming stocks was all line retreated, Sands China stock was 3.35% lower and offered at 27.4 yuan, the lowest Heng Seng index. Galaxy Entertainment stock was 2.94% lower and offered at 24.8yuan.
  Zhejiang Tengy Environmental Technology Co. Ltd was listed on the main board, and its share price was down by 5.5% and closed at 10.3 yuan.
  Mainland stock market surged today. Intraday point continuously broke through the integer points of 3200 or 3300 and particular share price was on general rising trend. Nearly 200 stocks in the two stock markets climbed by the 10 percent daily limit. Up to the closing quotation, Shanghai index closed at 3287.66 points, up 3.28%.
  The daily limitation of southbound quota is 10.5 billion. The southbound quota closed at 10.279 billion, using 221 million.
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