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Universal Health Awarded as Best Listed Company in Investment Relation Management


  2015 "One Belt And One Road" (HK) Summit Forum Cum China Securities Golden Bauhinia Award Ceremony  was successfully held by Takungpao,the oldest active Chinese language newspaper, at Grand Hyatt Hong Kong on 13th November. Hundreds of senior managements and well-known financial leaders domestic and abroad attended the award ceremony.


John Tsang Chun-wah, Hong Kong Financial Secretary, addressed the speech.
Jiang Zaizhong, Chairman of the Board and President of Takungpao, delivered the speech.
  Jiang Zaizhong, Chairman of the Board and President of Takungpao, delivered the opening speech. John Tsang Chun-wah, Financial Secretary of Hong Kong; CHAN Tak-Lam Norman, President of Hong Kong Monetary Authority;  Margaret Fong, President of Hong Kong Trade Development Council; Li Xiaojia, President of HKEx gave their speeches on the subject of “Share Advantages and Expand Overseas Market”. Honored guests of Zhu Haibin, China Chief Economist of JP Morgan Chase& Co.,; Shen Gaoming, China Chief Economist of Citibank; Chen Youan, chairman of the board of China Galaxy Securities Co., Ltd etc, also made speeches.
Star-spangled Jury of Authority
  China Securities Golden Bauhinia Awards, held by Takungpao with joint of capital market authorities, experts and investors, is a trustworthy evaluation for the listed companies in Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and also an important referential result for investment market. The awarded companies not only made a great achievement in the past, but also will be a leader of China enterprises entering into global market.
Mr. Jin Dongtao(3rd from left to right) and other representatives won awards
  Universal Health was one of the awarded companies in the honor of  “Best Listed Companies in Investor Relations”

  ※Best Listed Companies in Investment Relation Management Award

  Beijing Jingneng Power Co., Ltd.
  China Railway Construction Corporation Limited
  Universal Health International Holdings Co., Ltd
  China Gas Holdings Ltd
  Baic Motor Corporation Ltd
  China Resources Cement Holdings Limited
  China Heiyuan Juice Group Limited
  China Railway Group Limited
  China Oilfield Services Limited
  Datang International Power Generation Co., Ltd
Mr. Jin Dongtao received the award on stage
  Mr. Jin Dongtao, President of Universal Health(HK.2211), was awarded on stage. In recent years,  Universal Health(HK.2211) under the leadership of Mr. Jin Dongtao and his management conducted continuous capital operation and won the recognition and praise from capital market upon its good performance and close investors relation.
  Universal Health(HK.2211) adheres to “Internet Plus Universal Healthcare” and attracted lots of international investors on the process of internationalization. Global resource integration injected strong impetus into Universal Health(HK.2211)and will lift its market value shortly.
  Universal Health (HK.2211) has been conducting the brilliant transition from a traditional pharmaceutical company to a globally influential robust company in healthcare and also been developing O2O and cross-border e-commerce business . Mr. Jin Dongtao said the company will draft on universal healthcare fund and enrich universal healthcare industry through domestic and abroad drives. Let’s look forward to witnessing a brighter future of universal healthcare industry.

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