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Honor Exhibition

【Honor List】
The concern from government and support from society has always been the motivation on the road of UNI HEALTH development. While the honor of UNI HEALTH has always been the witness of the Group’s growth and progress.
Major Honor of the Company
Model unit of High-integrity enterprise in China
Quality and Reputation Guaranteed Unit in China
China Pharmaceutical Industry Top 100
National Public Trustworthy Pharmacy
Famous Trademark of Heilongjiang Province
Heilongjiang Private Company Top 100
Heilongjiang Company Reliable in Contracts and Credit
Consumer Trustworthy Company of Heilongjiang Province

【Honor and Qualification】
Chinese Entrepreneur of Integrity
Chinese Excellent Entrepreneur
Chinese Charity Ambassador
Chinese Outstanding People of Reformation
Chinese Certified Senior Planning Director
Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Planning Expert
Special Research Fellow of China Academic of Management Science
Senior Research Fellow of China Institute for Reform and Development
Glorious entrepreneur
Model of Army Support

【Related Links】
Mr. Jin Dongtao
Vice-chairman of China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association
Vice-president of China Chain Pharmacy Top 100
President of Pharmacy Organization in Heilongjiang Province
Reserve Colonel of the Chinese People's Liberation Army
Special Research Fellow of China Academic of Management Science
Chinese Charity Ambassador
Chinese Excellent Entrepreneur
Chinese Entrepreneur of Integrity
Chinese Outstanding People of Reformation
His model deeds have been selected into classics including Chinese Outstanding Person, Outstanding Ethnic Chinese, Outstanding Entrepreneur of Contemporary China and was reported in depth by CCTV(China Central Television), CNR(China National Radio), Chinese Pharmacy, Medical Economy and 39 Health.

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