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Wolf Culture:
Never betray, never leave, never quit, and never give up!

Wolf Military Spirit:
Persistence, Wisdom;
Teamwork, brainstorm;
Loyalty, gratitude;
Sharing weal and woe; 

Target Focused:
The most significant survival skill of wolves is to focus on the target and never give up. To capture their prey, they often trace the prey for weeks and cooperate with each other, looking for every possible opportunity. While they never do anything in vain if the target is really unachievable.
The conclusion is that the dream will never come true without a clear target, dedicated spirit and the strong will to fulfill it. Life is the miracle of nature, and potential is unlimited. Only by developing one’s potential can the dream be realized. 

Trust the others and be loyal to the team:
A wolf is quite loyal to its team and always cares for the others completely. The whole point of being alive is to ensure the survival of the race. In the world of wolves, trusting is an instinct of survival, and loyalty is a respectful spirit. Sometimes even humans feel inferior to them. 

Wolves are one of the animals which are good at communicating. The art of communication is the diversity of communication methods, especially the body language. They’re very observant and could even notice the slightest changes in peers or preys. 

The most laudable part of wolves is the spirit of teamwork showed in battles. The implicit cooperation among wolves constitutes the decisive factor for their successes. They are willing to sacrifice everything for the team, and have the clear awareness that they are inter-dependent and only in this way can they survive. 

Know yourself and rivals:
Wolves never begin a battle unprepared and never win relying on luck only. They have their own organization and techniques in every procedure such as exploring, lurking, attacking, containing and blocking. The fully understanding, suitable strategies, and constant communication are the key elements to meet the expectation of the team. They have the knowledge of both attacking and retreating. They have the ability to camouflage while at the same time the courage to face dangers. They could fight alone and also in military groups. The sound knowledge of guerrilla in wilderness wins them the invincible position in the world where the law of jungle is practiced. 

Wolves are one of the disciplined groups of all the social animals. All of them will obey the wolf leader once it was elected.
The conclusion is that obeying is the first step of execution with no excuse since otherwise the group will fall apart, not to mention keeping combat power. That is the discipline of wolves and the foundation of all the organizations and teams if they are expecting a long-term existence and sustainable development.

Wolves are never afraid when attacked by other strong animals. They know the rules of survival that fighting is the key to survival, while running away leads the road to die.
The conclusion is that what rise from the ruins of failure are not only the skyscrapers of success, but also the spirit of never giving up. The experience learnt from failures will leads people to final success in the future.

Pay Attention to Details:
Wolves respect their rivals. The observation they made on their prey offers opportunity to make a deadly strike. There is no tiredness, boredom or pointless disturbing during the observation period. And the result provides not only the easiest prey among all the objectives, but also the detailed record of their characters and habits.
The conclusion is that there are numerous opportunities in the details which decide whether one could succeed or not.

seek common ground while reserving differences:
Usually there are only five to eight wolves in a group. The illusion of huge crowds comes from the unique sound everyone makes when they howl. They respect the diversity since individuals contribute to the group on their own, while at the same time they united as one.
The conclusion is that a team should be composed of individuals with different characters. Only in this way can it be creative and gain success in the fierce competition.

To the wolves, the success after a long waiting seems more attracting than the short-term benefits. The patience during the hunting even in starvation ensures that the final success belongs to the wolves.
The conclusion is that fighting to the end patiently with ability to withstand pain is the display of strong will and the key to success. Almost everyone who succeeds has the quality of patience. Waiting for the right moments is a requirement to the final success. 

Wolf Oath:
Never betray, never leave, never quit, and never give up!

Staff Culture::
Innovation, Execution, Understanding, Mentality, Self-reflection, Loyalty, Peace

Company Objective::
Uncover national treasure and caring for the public’s health

Service Principle::
All for the public.

Company Mission::
Jintian Group escorts your health by care.

Team Spirit::
One family, one mind, one goal, and fight together.

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