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Corporate Information

Registered Office in the Cayman Islands
Maples Corporate Services Limited
  Maples Corporate Services Limited
  PO Box 309
  Ugland House
  Grand Cayman, KY1-1104
  Cayman Islands
  Baogongbei Street
  Tiexi District

Place of business in Hong Kong registered
under Part XI of the Companies Ordinance

  8/F Gloucester Tower
  The Landmark
  15Queen’s Road Central
  Hong Kong
Company’s Website
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Executive Director Mr. JIN Dongtao (Chairman and Chief Executive Officer)
Mr. JIN Dongkun (Vice Chairman)
Mr. ZHAO Zehua
Mr. SUN Libo
Independent Non-Executive Director

Mr. CHENG Sheung Hing
Ms. CHIANG Su Hui Susie
Ms. HAO Jia

Joint Company Secretary Mr.GE Junming(葛俊明)
Mr. Tam Tsang Ngai(谭铮毅)


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