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UNI HEALTH  service philosophy is all for the public and all for members. We established membership management center and put caring the public as center’s mission. We promise that counterfeiting drugs would never appear in Jintian drugstores. If you bought any counterfeiting drugs in Jintian, we would like to compensate you 100 times of your expense.

Members are precious wealth for UNI HEALTH and we are trying to feedback our members. We put Sunday as Jintian membership day. In this day, members can enjoy the benefits including: discount products, membership points, cash voucher, free health check-up, free delivery to home, as well as the chance to win ¥ 5000 award.
In 2011, we improved our service policy. Except offering lower price products to customer, we started to focus on the drugstore environment and on-purchasing service and after-sale service. We established medical record for individual customer and visited them by call easily. 

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