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Membership service always comes first in Jintian Group. Service creates value, service wins respect. With grateful heart to serve customer, their satisfaction is the constant pursuit

I. Greeting service

1. In daily selling, we carry out the service requirements: 
Kindly attitude to customers, good manners, clean condition, willingness to help;
Greeting customers when they come into drugstore, introducing products to customers, actively answer customer’s questions, saying goodbye when customers leave;
Keeping warmly service to all sort of customers;
2. We make the basic expression on call-back visiting.

II. Membership Card- Jintian members’ identity

You can enjoy Jintian membership policy when you register as our members.
1. In membership Day, members can enjoy 15% discount on food and health care products, 10% discount on makeup and commodity, 5% discount on drugs and medical device.
2. In Jintian hospital and Jintian Professional hospital, the nurse will help members’ infusion. Members also enjoy other off price treatment.
3. Spending 20 RMB for drugs, a lottery given to you which may be a 5000 RMB award.
4. 24 Hours Door-to-door Delivery without charge

III. Membership Service Center

1. 4007-222007 is Center’s hotline, will answer all your questions.
2. The center will inform members the activities and news about Jintian Group by messages, as well as sending blessing message to them on holidays.
3. Sorts of lectures to members.

IV. “Joining Caring Activities” body-building exercise

From May 2013, Membership Center started doing service to the teams of “Joining Caring Activities” body-building exercise. They are our members or becoming our members soon. We offer them uniform and related service and spread the mission- escorting your health by care- to the public!
We hope all Jintian customers can join membership center to enjoy the favorable benefits.
Health pursuit will never be endless. With customers’ support, we will keep improving the service quality.

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